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January Update – Live Streaming

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Happy New Year from The AV Company!

As we begin the new year, we are looking at ways to help our clients reach wider audiences. One such tool that we often make use of is live streaming. Live streaming is great for connecting audiences, be they participants who cannot make it to your conference or friends who cannot make it to your wedding. In addition, it enables you to easily archive your event footage so that it can be accessed at a later time or distributed for training purposes.

Live streaming also allows you a whole new system for structuring your event! For example: Need to get a message out to a large group, but cannot physically get everyone in one place at one time? The solution might be to rent a space, create a set (see below), and broadcast your presentation directly to your target audience! All the participants have to do is follow a link to our online live stream platform whenever it is convenient for them, and they’ll instantly be able to engage with your event!

September Update – Digital Annotation System

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Greetings from The AV Company!

Things are picking up for us this month, and we are looking forward to a fantastic fall full of exciting projects! As things get busier, we are looking for ways to increase efficiency and make communication easier for our clients. One tool that we are excited to implement is our new digital annotation system! Using specialized wireless presentation tools from Crestron, Extron, and Mersive, we have devised a system that allows presenters to interact with their presentation material in real time – think of it as a digital whiteboard! This opens up lots of new opportunities for audience participation, annotation storage, and content sharing!

Our system utilizes Crestron AirMedia to share content, an Extron Annotator 300 that provides a wide range of annotation tools, and Mersive software that allows wireless connection between a wide range of devices. This system fosters collaboration and decision-making, and smooths out the process of presenting and discussing information.

5 Ways Classrooms Can Use Videoconferencnig

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

According to this great article from Mashable, there are 5 key ways that classrooms can use Videoconferencing-

1- To connect with experts (face to face and in real-time)
2- Virtual field trips (no transportation, no food to plan for, and no missing kids)
3- Working together (students can collaborate with students in other states on projects)
4- Accessing previously unavailable courses (great for rural areas or places who do not have teachers for certain subjects)
5- Teaching the teachers (great for keeping up with professional development hours)

Read more HERE and contact The AV Company to find out more about how Videoconferencing can help your school system!