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September Update – Digital Annotation System

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Greetings from The AV Company!

Things are picking up for us this month, and we are looking forward to a fantastic fall full of exciting projects! As things get busier, we are looking for ways to increase efficiency and make communication easier for our clients. One tool that we are excited to implement is our new digital annotation system! Using specialized wireless presentation tools from Crestron, Extron, and Mersive, we have devised a system that allows presenters to interact with their presentation material in real time – think of it as a digital whiteboard! This opens up lots of new opportunities for audience participation, annotation storage, and content sharing!

Our system utilizes Crestron AirMedia to share content, an Extron Annotator 300 that provides a wide range of annotation tools, and Mersive software that allows wireless connection between a wide range of devices. This system fosters collaboration and decision-making, and smooths out the process of presenting and discussing information.

Customize Your iPad

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

As you have probably gathered from some of our recents posts, we love the iPad.  We have been doing lots of great installations with them lately and are looking forward to many, many more as the technology continues to grow.  Sometimes controlling a space via iPad involves leaving that iPad unattended in the space at times when it’s not a private residence.  This can obviously be a concern for clients given their popularity.

We recently came across what we think could be a great solution and the company is right here in Charlottesville with us!  Ipad Laser Engraving can engrave the back of an iPad with anything from a company logo to a family photo.  It would be pretty hard for anyone else to claim it as theirs.  And, even if you aren’t concerned about securing the iPad, it still looks very cool!

Find out more and check out some of the great projects whey have done on their WEBSITE.  They do iPhones as well!

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Summit Custom Homes Open House

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Thank you to Summit Custom Homes  for inviting us to their open house in Old Trail yesterday.  We demonstrated how the iPad can control lighting, temperature, audio/video and security for local real estate agents.  It was a great event and we really enjoyed meeting everyone!

Unloading our equipment at Summit's beautiful home in Old Trail- Crozet, VA

Crestron, Apple and the AV Company- A Magical Combination

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Last week we posted a video from Control4 about using the iPad to control their system.  This week, we wanted to share another one from Crestron.  This video shows one of their employees actually using the iPad to control the temperature in the building and even in his wine cellar.  Check it out HERE.

Control your home with your iPhone or iPad

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

The AV Company offers solutions that will allow you to easily manage your security system, lights, home entertainment, thermostat and various other electronics…from your iPad!