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Digital Signage in Restaurants

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

We are guessing you wouldn’t expect to walk into your favorite upscale Charlottesville restaurant and see digital signage featuring their menu items and ingredients.  But, digital signage is quickly becoming a big topic in the world of fast food restaurants.  New legislation in some states and people being more aware of what they are eating in general is leading to the need to publish nutritional and calorie information on menu boards.  Because menus are always changing and there restaurants have thousands of locations. this can be very expensive and time consuming.  Digital signage is the perfect solution.  It can even be updated from one location when a menu changes. 

We think this is something that you will see in school systems in the coming years as well to indicate the days menu, nutritional information and it could even include icons next to healthier items to teach students to make good choices.  Check out this article from Digital Signage Weekly on this subject.

Restaurant Digital Signage

Sample of Restaurant Digital Signage from

Inspired Signage

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

We are currently working on a digital signage installation for a school system in Virginia.  They will soon be able create & update signage content from one location and it will appear in multiple locations at each of the schools.  Even better, this signage will also appear on a local TV station so they are also reaching every household who tunes into that channel from the same place…pretty cool!

WHAT is Digital Signage
The AV Company installs the Inspired Signage solution from AMX.  It enables customers to create, schedule and deliver their own vibrant, animated content dynamically to display screens across a network of sites locally, nationally or globally. Through pre-configured hardware and an intuitive software application, your existing staff can easily manage content, graphics and animation targeted to chosen audiences.

 Digital Signage is ideal for-


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