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5 Ways Classrooms Can Use Videoconferencnig

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

According to this great article from Mashable, there are 5 key ways that classrooms can use Videoconferencing-

1- To connect with experts (face to face and in real-time)
2- Virtual field trips (no transportation, no food to plan for, and no missing kids)
3- Working together (students can collaborate with students in other states on projects)
4- Accessing previously unavailable courses (great for rural areas or places who do not have teachers for certain subjects)
5- Teaching the teachers (great for keeping up with professional development hours)

Read more HERE and contact The AV Company to find out more about how Videoconferencing can help your school system!  

Texture For Your Tent

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

When clients approach us about wedding lighting and event lighting in a tent they they usually think about what it can add to the tables, the dance floor or even fabric along the sides of the tent. Don’t ignore what is above you! Adding a little ‘texture’ to the top of a tent can be fun too! We can either project a pattern right onto the tent ceiling or onto fabric installed in certain areas of the tent.

Another idea- if your guests will be approaching the tent after dark, light the exterior top of the tent! It makes for great photos!  Here is an example of a pattern on fabric-

It’s Charlottesville Wedding Lighting Season!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Happy Spring! It’s the time of year when we begin doing a lot of beautiful wedding lighting in Charlottesville (and all over the place, really!)  Wedding and event lighting is always fun because it allows us to do something different each time based on the clients wedding colors and style.  Recently a client having her wedding in Charlottesville contacted us about paper lanterns.  She had seen them done well, she had seen them done badly and most of all, she had only seen them in white!  They are actually available in more than 50 colors and styles! A few of our favorites-

Tip- It takes a lot more lanterns that you think to get the look that you see in wedding magazines!  We usually suggest 40-50 of the larger ones just over the dance floor if you are in a tent and 30-40 if you are in an indoor space.  Give us a call if you would like to find out more about unique lanterns or other lighting for your Charlottesville wedding!